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Outrageous Mastery®, An Xperiment with Power

Outrageous Mastery®, An Xperiment with Power is my personal story of the immense struggles and obstacles I had to overcome while raising six children by myself without money or education.

It is also my Xperiment to see if I/we have power to create miracles in our lives. I desperately needed money, healing, etc. I Xperimented over 30 years! I threw away the beliefs and actions that didn’t work and refined the ones that did.

This book will amaze you, shock you, fascinate you and have you seriously wonder and inquire into “Your own Power.”

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Outrageous Mastery II, How YOU Can Xperiment with Power
Outrageous Mastery® PlayGuide

Outrageous Mastery II, How YOU can Xperiment with Power completely personalizes every Xperiment I did. It not only shows you how to duplicate the Xperiments for yourself but also includes the Outrageous Mastery PlayGuide where you actually begin Xperimenting with your own goals and desires – step-by-step (just like I did – with me by your side).

It will describe in detail how I performed each Xperiment, why I did it, what I learned from it, what didn’t work, what did work and what beliefs I had to have to powerfully create.

It also includes many more Xperiments (miraculous phenomemna) that are not included in Outrageous Mastery, An Xperiment with Power.

Believe me when I say that the Outrageous Mastery trilogy will drastically change how you think, what you believe, what you believe you are capable of and therefore, drastically change you and your life.

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Your “HOME” For Mastery

Exclusive membership site where Outrageous Masters unite from around the world to continue their mastery in all areas of life

Q & A with Sasha – I am 100% committed to you living a life of mastery and creating the ultimate life for yourself so I am making myself available for any and all of your questions. You will have direct access to me and I will personally assist you in any questions or clarification you need. I am right here for you!

Daily Audio Mastery Messages – I have recorded over 100 5-8 minute (daily) audios that will lift you up for the day and give you powerful insights and strategies for mastery.You will love them! Start your day – every day – with me.

Powerful Interviews, Videos, Audios, Concepts, e-Books that cover almost every area of your life.

Mastery Strategies from my head and heart to yours. I give you powerful lessons and strategies I have developed for every area of my life – so you can quickly implement them into your own life.

Hear the true story of my life and learn how I created miracles, narrated by me. You will hear the pain, the tears, the laughter and the triumphs when you listen to this powerful true story. This isn’t available anywhere else but right here in Your Home For Mastery.

Addiction-Anxiety-Trauma insights and annihilation strategies

Ultimate Health strategies

Plus much, much more. I am constantly adding new content and new features that are guaranteed to improve your life and ensure you find Outrageous Mastery® too!

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Master Your Beliefs Audio Series

MASTER Your Beliefs – Take CONTROL of Your Life
Sasha’s Exclusive Audio Series

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, “The only thing that controls your life, is your hidden beliefs!”
In this audio series I will personally take you through every important area of your life
and examine your beliefs with you.

Then I will personally give you beliefs that will change your life.

Wealthy people have entirely different beliefs than poor people.

It may sound weird, but in reality, your beliefs literally control your life.

And these beliefs are hidden from you. Someone else gave them to you and you grew
up thinking they were true. They aren’t. They cause your pain and misery.

Come with me on a journey of freedom and discovery.

It will change everything!

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Mastery MindFuse

Mastery MindFuse™


Without you doing anything – – –

This amazing video masterpiece will penetrate the very depths of your being.

Mastery MindFuse will cause you to feel, believe and understand the majesty that is you.

Without you doing anything – – –

You will feel – loved – special – playful – passionate – self-confident and at peace.

You will feel – in control of your life – knowing you have a purpose and that you are worthy.

You will feel your own power to create mastery over your life.

And you will begin to love yourself.

Mastery MindFuse will awaken the truth within you.

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