You Deserve It

What would it feel like to stop giving yourself away?
Do you feel like there is not enough for you?
Not enough time –
Not enough love –
Not enough caring –
We are always told to love and care for others.
But what about ourselves?
What about you?
Did you know that you can’t love anyone more than you love yourself?
It’s true!
So how valuable do you think it may be to cherish yourself?
Sometimes – okay, maybe a lot – it would be extremely wise to give ourselves as much time – and love – and attention as we give to others.
Did you know that others learn to treat us by watching how we treat ourselves?
That’s pretty powerful isn’t it?
So teach others to love and cherish you by allowing them to see how much you love and cherish yourself.
Find a new and special way to give yourself time – love and attention today – and all week long.
You truly do deserve it.  I promise.

With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian

Your Mastery is My Mission!

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Experience Self-Love!

You are going to LOVE the gift I have for you today.


Because this gift will infuse confidence
and clarity into you.

I have a secret to tell you.

No one has every told you this before –
In a simple, fun way I will tell it to you.

What I will tell you will “rock” your world.

You will experience self-forgiveness
and self-love immediately.

A huge smile will appear on your face.

You will feel warm, wonderful and incredibly powerful.

Cherish this wonderful gift.

With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian


You Are Worthy!

You are Worthy!
You are.
And – – You Deserve to Feel Special!
What does it feel like – to you – to not feel worthy?
What does it feel like – to you – to not feel special?
It doesn’t feel good, does it?
This is your life –
And feeling worthy and special can change everything for you.
I have created a little YouTube video – just for you.
After watching it, you will feel worthy and special!

Take a deep breath and give yourself this wonderful gift right now!

With Love and Mastery,