A Huge Secret

Today I am going to share with you a HUGE secret to my success &
It is a statement.
And it is one of my core beliefs. (You probably already are aware that I know – that the one thing that “controls” our lives – is our beliefs.)
I am going to give this belief to you – to try on – and see how it feels.
If you decide to own this belief for yourself, you will discover a fascinating, new life.

Here is my belief that I challenge you to try on:

I always remember this when my life turns upside down. And just remembering that it is my belief changes everything. I deeply realize this is always true for me – – and as time passes,  it ALWAYS proves to be true!
So I give this gift to you in love and hope you will try it on and play with it. You will discover that it will make you feel powerful – even a bit invincible.

With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian


”Huge Help!”

Thank you for your amazing story!  Mine echoes some of yours and it is just amazing to see where you are at now.  I feel blessed and honored to be able to say thank you to you and know that you will see this.  Your book was a huge help.

Jenn Jones-Cunningham





We all need inspiration and love every single day.
It is food and fuel for our souls.
Without it we begin dying inside.
Our dreams and hopes fade.
Our capacity diminishes.
I bet you love being inspired as much as I do!
I know it gives you a burst of energy – just like it does to me.
LOVE – – –
Not only do we “need” to be loved,
we also “need” to “feel” that we are loved.
It is so vital to our quality of life.

My mission in life is to provide you with each of these
along with simple guidance to create an amazing life.

One of the ways I do this is on my facebook sites.
Every day I promise to inspire you and send you love
through facebook.
It will change your life.  I promise.

Become my friend on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/sasha.xarrian
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Give yourself some love today.
It’ll only take a minute – – – and it is your “life” we are talking about!
With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian

“In One Hit!”

I read your book in one hit and couldn’t put it down.  I felt so many emotions for you as well as all my own life’s emotions welling up throughout.  You are one amazing lady who gives us all such inspiration.  I feel so much love for you and your children.

Lisa Levy
Middlesex, London