Complete Certainty

Transitioning our hopes into faith will turn our dreams into real creations.
Sometimes I hesitate to use the word faith because there are so many meanings and emotions attached to this word.
so I have looked for other words that can describe more precisely the faith I write about and use.
The faith I write and speak about is the faith that holy books and writings say can heal the sick, move mountains and apparently give us near divine powers.
The word I chose was certainty.
I wrote to you about a week and a half ago concerning the power of hope.
It is the starting place that can lead to the much more powerful emotion of faith or certainty.
Hope is out life-saver during the storms of life.
Hope lights the spark of divinity within us.
Hope gives us the idea and feeling that we actually can create –  – and change things.
BUT . . .
Hope in and of itself does not create.
Nor does it give us the power to create.
To actually create powerfully and majestically we need absolute certainty.
So, of course, the question arises . . . “How do we attain certainty?”
As you are probably aware, my thirty years of experimenting with faith has allowed me to heal the sick, create vast amounts of money, and numerous other dreams and desires.
This has turned into one of my areas of expertise.
And, of course,  I love sharing with you.
Certainty.   Faith.
The true power comes when we can move beyond hope to belief and then to certainty – with no doubt – that our desire will be come a reality.
The process doesn’t involve sitting around hoping that it will magically appear.
The process is one that trains us to be majestic, in and of ourselves.
Yes, the opportunity to create desires is really there to motivate us to become majestic.
In other words, it is not so much about what we have or can create as it is about who we become in the process.
What would you prefer?
*  to have created one big desire
*  to be the person who can create anything?
Knowing this one fact will help you during the rough and challenging times.  The rough and challenging times are part of the process of you becoming a powerful and wise creator.
Something to think deeply about.
Back to certainty – –
First, two things to be aware of:
1. Doubt kills faith
2. No one will bring your dream to you.  You will be the one creating it –         literally.
Now, try these two little techniques and they will begin turning your hope into faith.   And remember, faith is where the power is.
1. To begin overcoming your doubts, ask yourself, “What if I
had every  resource in the world?    How would I create this?  List on
paper 50 ways.
2. Start fantasizing about crazy, outrageous ways you could create your
a. Laugh while you do this
b. List 50 ways – unrealistic ways – get out of your head and go a
little   crazy with this.
c. It’ll be fun.
After taking the special time to do each of these techniques, your faith will have begun to sprout. You will notice that you feel differently about your ability to create.
This is important because our goal is complete certainty.
These are beginner steps.
But they are very valuable techniques, nonetheless.
I bet you find some ideas and opportunities through this process.
I can’t give you all the information and power in an email but it is detailed in my Outrageous Mastery trilogy.
We have innate creative powers.
We were born to become majestic.
That includes – you.

With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian

“Blessing Us”

My name is Peter, I want to thank you for blessing us with your Outrageous Mastery. I bought the first book last year when I was in most challenging time in my life. Thanks for giving me a glimpse into the future and some hope when everything was bleak.

Peter Mwaura John
Nairobi, Kenya



“A Must Read!”

I can bet that these Books would be a Must read for everyone who wants to change his Life & broken beliefs!!
So Elucidating!  Where do You get such thoughts Sasha?  Feels like the Universe has exposed all its secret to our intellect …
You sort of have unlocked the door!  Great work!  Keep it up!

Mohammad Hassan
Pakistan, Lahore




Part of our magical nature is to hope.  We hope – even when we don’t want to hope.  I am not sure we can live without hope.  Without hope we die inside.
But, we have the innate ability to create and birth new sparks of hope at any time.
And when we reach down deep inside of ourselves and create a spark of hope a chain reaction begins.
* Our physical bodies respond and begin to create new energy
* Our brains start creating new ideas and desires
* We begin to feel a bit more powerful
* The energetic particles in the air around us begin to move and change
* And unseen forces begin to align with our hope
* And ALL of this is automatic!
Try to create a tiny spark of hope in one area of your life right now.
Pause . . .
All you have to do is keep the spark alive and the other things will automatically occur.  It is so important to start small.  So many people have big dreams and big ideas (and I love this) – BUT, as we learn to powerfully create we must start small or our big hopes and dreams can come crashing down on us and destroy our hope.  I have found in life that the faster I try and go the slower things occur.   Weird, but true.

Life is about learning who we are – the power we have – and how to use that divine power.  Hope is one of the first steps.  The interesting thing is that hope naturally resides in us.  The fun part is that we can intensify that hope as we choose.

The powerful part is that as we intensify our hopes, opportunities and ideas come to us.   (Not necessarily overnight, or in a week, or a month – – but, they will come.)
Life will work with us.  And what appears bad to us now, in time – if we are fully aware – will become a gift in our lives.  That is how life works. It is part of our mission to learn how life works.  As we learn this (and it is a process) life becomes easier, richer, more joyful and our hopes become realities.
Remember that our hopes are hardly ever fulfilled the way we envision them being fulfilled.:-) I don’t know why this is true.  It just is.  That doesn’t mean we are not going in the direction we wanted to go.  Not at all! It just means we are being helped and guided along the way by outside circumstances that instruct us – and sometimes shove us down unknown roads.  That’s okay.  That’s how it works.  We are creators.  It is our natural nature to create.

We have power.  And it starts with hope.
So start a little spark of fire deep inside you right now and create some hope. This will start the process. This will light the fire of life within you and about you. You will not be alone.  Life will work with you. I promise. Now, I am going to give you a little match to help you out. Here it is:
With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian

“Smiling And Crying!”

I have just finished your book and want to let you know that I was smiling, laughing and crying during this time!!! I look forward to working with you.  I am going to continue on my journey with you as a part of it.
Marie Farrell