“Because Of You!”

I have just finished reading your E-Book, “Outrageous Mastery” and I must firstly say, Thank You!  You are an amazing human being and I am very grateful to know you and your story. My life is in the process of manifesting my goals and desires, and when it does I would love to share my story with you. Just wanted to touch base, and once again thank you for your amazing spirit. Because of you, I know I am on the right path.
Lots of love,

Vish Vadivelu
Melbourne, VIC

“I Am Amazed!”

Thank you, Sasha, for the Outrageous Mastery I and II.  I am amazed by your style of writing especially how you have separated your story from the Genius God Friends commentary.  It was so captivating! I was inspired. I have never read anything like it!  You are truly authentic and creative xxx

Sasha has opened me up to more possibilities….strength!  She shared so much! I can relate to some of the literature like it happened to me!  OM uplifted me and gave me more power and wealth consciousness.  A real growth has happened to me.

Jewel Okwechime
NSW, Australia


“Your Story”

You definitely do get what you ask for…success or failure. I was thinking along the lines of continuing to get what you’re getting because no change is made and no effort is exerted to “get” anything different from what you already… have. A victim mentality if you will. Failing to see the potential that God has given each of us is an example of preparing to fail… How can I help people see who they really are and that being small and playing the victim does not and will not ever serve them or will they reach their highest potential that God designed them for when they are in this mindset?  Thank you for the victory you have hadYour story has blessed me in many ways!

Susan Holsinger; Grief Tutor
Rossville, Indiana
Founder of Good Grief and You