Create Powerful Beliefs!

When you have a belief system that is powerful, where you feel powerful, where you believe you are not alone in creating your life, magic happens. Little things occur, a phone call, a conversation, and one day the whole world around you changes.  All of a sudden, you look toward creating your life with a smile on your face, with enjoyment, with power and as a creator rather than just someone who puts up with their life.

Because our belief systems are what create our life, our reality and our enjoyment or lack of it, it is important to actively create a belief system.

With Love and Mastery,
Sasha Xarrian

“So Inspired!”


You are awesome and love the lessons you teach us.  Been reading Outrageous Mastery and it has so inspired me and lessened my fears.

Even today I read your words in Outrageous Mastery and I felt such hope in my own heart and a miracle happened………..I began to believe in myself!

Caroline Flynn

“Great Guidance!”

I was literally astonished while I read about your personal life story; and really it is amazing and wonderful the way you have overcome all that horrible chaos – least to say.  I am so glad and even more amazed that after all that the work and love you are spreading now.  It is all wonderful and I appreciate it from the depth of my heart. Thank you. The books are a great guidance to live positively the challenge called life. Thanks & Love.

Yogesh R. Atre
Pune, Maharashtra