Practice Acceptance

Don’t get caught up in the story of events as „good” or „bad”.
Let go and you’ll make room for something better.
Practice acceptance and be honest about your circumstances, your thoughts and beliefs.
When you are finally truthful with yourself can you begin to change your circumstances.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

Love Yourself

Before you expect other people to love and adore you,
it is always you who needs to love yourself first.
Make a positive commitment to yourself, to learning, work,
family, friends, nature, and other worthwhile causes.
Praise yourself as much as you praise others once in a while.
When you start feeling confident about yourself, positive
thoughts will naturally flow to your mind.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

Knowledge And Understanding

Do you have the faith to say to the Universe that you want
one billion dollars by next month? I don’t. And you know what?
If I don’t believe it, how can I create it?
It is important that you create something that is at least half way in your own realm of possibility within your own mind.

The other factor is experience. Knowledge and understanding of the principles in Outrageous Mastery are powerful tools, but ultimately experience at a personal level is what really matters. I have been using OM techniques for 30 years and this experience furnishes me with certainty about my creations.
Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

You Are Loved

Whether you know it or not, you are being loved right now.
The Universe loves you unconditionally.
It accepts you exactly the way you are.
It doesn’t pay attention to your fears, flaws and insecurities.
It only sees perfection in you, because you are an intimate part of it.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion.
Figure out what it is you love –  who you really are
and have the courage to do that.
I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage
to follow their own dreams.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian