Feeling Angry

Do you hate feeling angry?
Do others often make you feel angry?
Does feeling angry make you feel ashamed of yourself?
Well, right now, in this email I am going to show you the
most outrageous strategy that you can use every day
(sometimes many times a day).
And yes, it could just blow your mind a bit.
It is simple.
It is quick.
I use it all the time.
It may be one of the easiest, most elegant strategies
I have ever created.
Here it is:

1. When you are feeling angry, STOP and ask yourself,
“What am I feeling right now?”
Sometimes, our feelings are hard to define so it is important
to define for yourself exactly what you are feeling.

2. Now, FEEL that anger!
Don’t feel guilty about this.  Just allow yourself to feel angry.

3. Ask your anger, “What is the message you have for me?”
Yes, go into the anger and literally ask it what the message is for you.
Listen to the answer.
It will come immediately.   (More about this later in this email.)

4. After receiving your personal message, Embrace your anger.
Yes, embrace it with love and thank it for the message.
You see, once you get the message, you will realize that your anger was there to give you a message all along and now anger can be your friend and messenger.  And there won’t be any judgments about feeling the anger.
This is really a crazy-cool process I use all the time – and it always enlightens me and calms my soul.

5. Now, Embrace yourself!
Yes, love yourself and stop the condemnation and judgments about yourself.   Wrap your arms around yourself and embrace yourself. You may even want to tell yourself, “I love you.”
Wait until you feel what this feels like after doing this strategy.
It is always kind of a shocking feeling.

6.  Last of all:   Release the anger.   Let it go.  Send it off somewhere.

This sounds rather easy, doesn’t it?
It is easy and it is very quick, finished in minutes.
The enlightenment you receive from your anger will be stunning.
Simple, yet stunning.
And as promised, here are a few examples of messages that came from my own anger:

“No one is allowed to treat you like that.  The anger is here to let you know that being treated like that should not be allowed in your life.  You now know why your
body felt anger for you.”

“Your children feel that if they all agree on something, it is right.  They empower each other this way without individually thinking that maybe another action would
be a better choice.  They bonded deeply during and after the divorce.  This was one of their survival strategies.  The problem now, is they easily get stuck in this
tactic – and it always makes them feel good – but, unfortunately, is not always the best decision.  May be time for another lesson from Momma.”
Your Mastery is My Mission!  This is only one simple strategy to help you and me make sense of our lives.   There are so many other powerful ones in each of my
Outrageous Mastery creations and I want you to experience the simplicity, the knowledge, the self-confidence and mastery that you deserve.  You are special and there are reasons for everything that happens in your life.   Let me explain them to you and help you conquer your fears and your dreams.

Hold your head up.  Take action for yourself.  And experience something rather amazing.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

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