Sasha’s Bio

Sasha Xarrian had seven children in nine years – – all in her twenties.

She was left with sole custody of her six living children five years later.

She had no career or career training.

Her six-figure husband would refuse child support.

They lost their family home.

Her parents, siblings and friends deserted her children and her because she
decided not to stay in their singular and secluded religious confines and beliefs.

Similar to a woman-alone leaving the Pennsylvania Amish-Mennonites society, she entered a world she knew nothing about.

Left alone to find a way to survive and take care of her six children, she
began searching for a way to make enough money to take care of them – and to
find and afford a home to live in.

Maybe more than anything, she needed something to believe in. She
desperately needed an entirely new set of beliefs that would empower and help
her create the life she could only dream of.

She began experimenting with new beliefs – to see if they were powerful,
empowering – beliefs worth keeping.

And she wondered, could there possibly be strategies and beliefs that would
allow her to create anything?

Anything at all?

Could there be a way to hear an answer to every question she hungered for?

And some of the results of her trial and error experimenting were:

  • Healing her son from a life-long illness that no doctors could cure
  • Creating a mansion for them
  • Creating tens of thousands of dollars in mere weeks and months
  • Creating half a million dollars in ten minutes
  • Learning how to pray (inquire) and get answers – literal answers
  • Discovering how to blast through fear, guilt, and feeling unworthy
  • Going from a small newspaper route with her six children to creating a million dollar business
  • Selling her Outrageous Mastery® books, audios, and videos in EVERY country in the world – 196 countries!

And maybe the most remarkable part is the success stories that readers from
every corner of the world have shared with her after reading her books and
listening to her audios.

In fact, there are over 100 pages of testimonials and they continue to pour in.

Her personal story – told in her own words is called – OUTRAGEOUS MASTERY,
An Xperiment with Power

It will Amaze You, Shock You, Fascinate You and have you Seriously Wonder
and Inquire Into “Your Own Power.”

It Will Captivate Your Heart and Soul.

It May Even Rock Your World.

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