You Are Okay

You are okay just the way you are!   Really!
Do you feel good about yourself today?
It is challenging to be okay with ourselves, isn’t it?
Who invented that crazy word “perfection” anyway?
So many times we forget that it is our uniqueness
 - – – that makes us special – and wonderful.
There is no other person on earth just like you.
Without you there would be loss.
It is okay that you have problems to solve in your life.
We all do.
It is okay that you can never get enough done.
That is the challenge we all face every day –
-           - and the day after that.
If you were perfect, no one would want to be around you.
It would make everyone else feel inferior.
It would!
So smile – – right now.
Go to the nearest mirror – –
Look yourself in the eye – –
And tell yourself that you are okay just the way you are!
And then say, “I love you – just the way you are right now.”
Give yourself some love today.

Your Mastery is My Mission!
Sasha Xarrian

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